Onboarding Checklists - New Employees

The Division of Extension uses several different checklists of tasks in its onboarding process. All new employees have a core set of requirements in the All New Employees checklist. There are also additional supplemental onboarding tasks for UW-Madison Campus-based employees and new Extension supervisors. If you have any questions please contact hr@extension.wisc.edu

New Employee Onboarding Checklist

 Onboarding Checklist - New Employees - All New Employees 

All new employees who are beginning their employment at the Division of Extension will need to complete the required tasks. Additional onboarding tasks will need to be completed based on whether or not the individual is physically located on the UW-Madison campus, or if they will be supervising other employees in their role.

Supervisor - New Employee Onboarding Checklist

 Supervisor Onboarding Checklist - New Employees

All supervisors are required to prepare for and support new employees who are beginning their employment at the Division of Extension. Additional onboarding tasks will be required for individual roles and programs. 

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Questions? Contact hr@extension.wisc.edu 

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