Kaltura - Requirements to view Kaltura MediaSpace videos

This document outlines requirements and recommendations to view Kaltura MediaSpace videos.

    Browser recommendation

    We recommend that users use Firefox or Chrome on Windows and macOS to view Kaltura MediaSpace videos - especially when those videos are viewed in Canvas. Some browsers (like Safari) are set by default to block viewing embedded Kaltura videos in Canvas due to their third party cookie settings. More information on changing your browser settings is linked in: Kaltura/Canvas - Known Issue - "Browser Cookies Issue" message - Enabling third party cookies .

    Internet connection

    Your internet connection has both a download speed and an upload speed. Both will effect your use Kaltura MediaSpace. You can test your internet speed by going to www.speedtest.net. Click Go. The Speedtest website will download and upload files to test your speed and report your current download and upload speed:
    A screenshot from speedtest.net showing a "Download Mbps" speed of 44.14 and an "Upload Mbps" speed of 4.73

    Download speed

    The speed required to view Kaltura MediaSpace videos varies based on the size of the video uploaded. At the high end, users will need up to 4.2 Mbps download speed to view the largest, highest quality videos uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace. Many uploaded videos don't require that top-end speed.

    Selecting lower quality versions of Kaltura MediaSpace videos

    When a video is uploaded to Kaltura MediaSpace, multiple version of the video are created in the background of different sizes. When a user clicks play on a Kaltura MediaSpace video, Kaltura checks your internet speed and device and plays the version which best matches your system. You can also manually select a lower quality setting that requires less bandwidth. First click Play and then Pause. Click the gear icon and click on the version of the video you'd like to play:
    A screenshot showing a detail of a Kaltura player. The user has first clicked "Play" and then "Pause." Next the user has clicked the gear icon to see the versions of the video available to select. In this screenshot there is a "1080P 4.2 Mbps", "720P 2.7 Mbs", "720P 1 Mbs", and "360P .5 Mbs" versions available. The cursor is hovering over the "720P 1 Mbs" version.
    Note that the versions displayed for your video will depend on the frame size of the video uploaded (1920 x 1080 vs 1280 x 720). For example a 1080P version won't be created for a video that is not that large. The download speed required to view each version will also differ based on each video.

    Upload speed

    Upload speed is important when you are uploading video files to Kaltura MediaSpace. 1 Mbps upload speed should be able to upload a 250 MB file in about 33 minutes. More information about video file formats that work well with Kaltura MediaSpace is available in Kaltura MediaSpace - Recommended video source formats and specifications (UW-Madison) .

    Kaltura Capture

    Kaltura Capture - a desktop application you can install on Windows or macOS computers to record your screen and/or webcam - has separate system requirements available in Kaltura Capture - Installation .

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