Using the Wizard tool in EMS to enter a reservation

How to enter a reservation into EMS using only the Wizard tool

To enter a room reservation directly in EMS, start by logging in to the EMS Windows Client application.

Verify the room is open during the time(s) you wish to reserve, either by checking the schedule using "Book" in EMS or by logging in to the EMS web interface and checking the room's schedule.

Click on Wizard

This will bring up the reservation wizard as shown below:

Using the Calendar, select which day(s) you wish reserve the room for:

Under "Location"  select Specific Room:

This will bring up the Room Selector.  You should only see the rooms you have approval permission for. Select the room you wish to reserve:

Set the Start and End time for the event :

Make sure the Status is set to approved (should be by default):

When the date(s), room, time, and status are set, click the Next button:

Fill in the Event Name and select an Event Type:

Click on the magnifying glass next to the Primary Contact field:

This will bring up the contact lookup form. We do NOT have a way to import everyone in to EMS, so we will use just a generic contact that will let you type what ever you want in to the system.  Please double click UW, or click UW once and then click Select:

Fill in the name and email address of the main contact for the event using the "Temp Contact" and "Email Address" blanks:

If you have a second contact, you can put that in the "2nd Contact" entry. You will first need to change the drop down list to "(temporary contact)":

Click the Finish button to complete the reservation:

This should display a screen similar to the one below: 

The person that was entered as the contact for the event will NOT automatically get a confirmation email. If you wish to send them a confirmation message, you can do so with your email client, or if you want to do it from inside EMS, then you can do the following.  

Make sure the main (top) entry of the reservation request is selected:

Click on the Confirmation button 

In the window that comes up, click the Email button to generate the email.  If this is your first time sending a confirmation email, please click here for configuration information

Depending on when/how your EMS account was set up, Outlook or an EMS email prompt should now open.  Edit the message as needed, and click Send when it is ready to be sent:



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