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Images can be linked to directly using either a link within the image, or as a text link as well.

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Images are sometimes scaled down versions of themselves to fit into a specific space, or to make loading of the page faster. You may want to link directly to the full-size image instead so users can view all of the detail.

Options for linking to the image

You have two options within a text block to link directly to an image.

Link using the image function

First, you can create a link to the image itself when you place the image on a page or post. When you use the Add Media function and choose an image, in the Attachment Display Settings section you can click the drop down for Link To and choose Media FileThis will create a link for when someone clicks on the image itself.

Choosing the Link To option for the media file

Once you make this choice, click Insert into page to place the image.

Link function within a text block

You can also link to the full size image using the text link option within the text block.

  • To find the full URL of the image you can go to your Media Library and click on the image you want to link to.
  • In the attachment details about the image that appear, you can see the File URL: field on the right. Click the Copy URL to clipboard button.

    Finding the full URL of the image in the media library

  • Go to the page that you want to create the link and type in the information that you want to be linked.
  • Highlight that text and click the Insert/edit link icon.
  • Paste in the URL from the clipboard for the image.
  • When you update the page, that text will be linked to the image.

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