Webex Event: Scheduling (No Registration)

Steps on how to schedule a Webex Event with no registration.

Webex Events makes hosting an online event easy. Whether you're delivering to a course, or to a large number of participants, you can deliver a polished, interactive presentation with multimedia, Q&A, and polling to engage your audience.

Log in to uwmadison.webex.com site, go to Host an Event > Schedule an Event. At a minimum, complete event information, like registration requirements, date, audio settings, and attendees.

To help keep the event running smoothly, invite panelists to serve as subject matter experts, answer questions, and manage polls.
An alternate host/panelist must be someone with a Webex host account at UW Madison.  You can designate one or multiple alternate host for a single event.

Scheduling a Webex Event

Webex Event

1. Click on Webex Event (or WE) on bottom left

Webex Event Schedule an Event

2. Select Host an Event

3.  Select Schedule an Event

4. Event Type there is only one selection Online Event-Recording

5. Fill in Event name

6. List on public calendar is turned off and is not enabled.

7. Decide if you want to Delete from My Meetings when completed

8. In this example Registration is not needed. Use registration when you do not know attendee's email? Or you wish them to register for the event and you approve or reject their registration.

9. Select your Date and Time and any time zones you wish to display. These are displayed in the invitation and when entering the event.

10. Best practice is select 15 or 20 minutes for attendees to join ahead of the scheduled Event.

11. Email reminder ONLY GOES TO YOU- if you select this.

12. Select Webex Audio so the attendees can join either by audio using computer or by phone.

Start scheduling Webex Event

Attendee list view and Post Survey

1. Select if you want the attendees to see the attendee list- All participants or they just see the host, presenters and panelist.

2. Webex Events has it's own Post-event survey tool but is very basic. Here at UW Madison you have Qualtrics Survey a more robust tool and the qualtrics survey link can be displayed for attendees to take the survey at the end of the session when they leave the event. Select Destination URL after the event and copy in your qualtrics survey link.

Add attendee

Attendee and Panelist invitation

1. Above you can see for Edit Invitation list you can add attendees name and email here. However, it is more common practice to now use this list when the Event is completely scheduled to copy the Attendee Link for the event and email that using Outlook or other email program.  The add attendee in the Webex Event scheduler is a bit cumbersome. There is a CSV import file to use to upload your attendee name and email. Click on Create Invitation and in the upper right corner there is an option to import. A sample csv file to use is located there.

2. Also above you can find Edit Invitation List for Panelist. It is recommended to add the panelist here in Webex Event scheduler.  If you want the Panelist to be an alternate host you can select that here as well. Be sure the alternate host has a UW Madison Webex Account.

3. The Panelist password must be different than the Attendee password.

Last edits for scheduling an Event


Event Email Messages

1. The last portion of the scheduling an event allows you to send reminder emails or to modify the templates for existing emails send for the event. Such as the attendee invitation email, panelist invitation email and any emails related to registration.  These emails are only send to attendees and panelist if you enter them into the invitation lists here while scheduling the Webex Event.

2. To modify an email template click on the email link name "Attendee" for example and select Edit.
Edit invite
3. When editing invite you will be working in HTML mode, make your changes and press Save.

Edit invite html mode
Followup Email Messages

1. If you used the event invitation list or panelist list you can utilize any of the followup emails. Editing those is the same process as listed above for editing invitation email.

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