Hiring - Graduate Assistant - Request a Criminal Background Check

All graduate student positions will require a background checks. Follow these instructions to request a criminal background check.


  • All graduate assistant positions require a criminal background check (CBC).
  • The hiring manager must request a CBC by changing the applicants status to Background Check and sending the email notification to asu.exthr@ohr.wisc.edu.
  • The Student Jobs Platform does not have any background check capabilities. 
  • ASU OHR will initiate the background check when the notification is sent.
  • Background checks are processed through UW-Madisons third party provider, HireRight. 
  • Refer to UW-Madison Criminal Background Check Policy
  • Once the results from HireRight are returned asu.exthr@ohr.wisc.edu will contact the Hiring Manager with next steps.


  • Select the box next to the applicants name you want to create the offer for. Then select the drop down under Select a bulk Action and chose Bulk Move.
Bulk Move Action
  • Select Background Check 
Select Background Check
  • Background Check status does not have the emails turned on for other users. To notify other users in the system you must check the yes radio button and check the box next to HR Divisional Rep.
Bulk Action Status
  • Select yes next to Update job status from Interviewing to Background checking. Click the move now button and it will move the applicant into the Background Check status.  
Update Job Status

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