LastPass - What’s the Difference Between LastPass Enterprise, LastPass Premium, and LastPass Free Accounts?

An overview of the key differences between the LastPass Enterprise, LastPass Premium, and LastPass Free account types

   LastPass Enterprise Accounts  LastPass Premium (as a Perk) Accounts  LastPass Free Accounts
Who is the Intended User?Intended for faculty, staff, and student-employees of UW–Madison wanting/needing a work-specific password managerBest for students, retirees with IT services, emeriti, and alumni of UW–Madison, as well as any faculty, staff, or student-employees wanting a personal accountBest for users who are no longer affiliated with UW–Madison
What email address is being used?  Your email address. Any UW–Madison Office365 email address can be used to confirm eligibility. Any personal email address (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) can be used to sign up. Any personal or UW–Madison email address (except your email address) can be used to create your LastPass Free account
Where do I sign up? Through your Wisc Account Administration page Through our partner premium link: University of Wisconsin Madison and LastPass Through the LastPass website: Create account
What secrets are being stored?
Passwords and other secrets used to access work related systems and applications
Personal passwords, documents, and secrets, such as financial, social media, and personal email accounts Personal passwords, documents, and secrets, such as financial, social media, and personal email accounts
Who can I share secrets with? Can share with individuals, project  teams, and business areas across campus using secure, shared folders
Can share with other personal accounts on a many-to-one basis. Can share with other personal accounts on a one-to-one basis
Who should I contact for support? The DoIT Help Desk may be able to help  LogMeIn High Priority Tech Support LogMeIn Low Priority Tech Support
What Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options are available? MFA-Duo through UW-Madison (required)
MFA options include LastPass Authenticator, Duo, Google Authenticator, Transakt, Grid, YubiKey, Sesame, and fingerprint identification
MFA options include LastPass Authenticator, Duo, Google Authenticator, Transakt, and Grid
Is there encrypted file storage?
Up to 1GB per user Up to 1GB
Up to 50MB per user
Can I set up Emergency Access to My LastPass Vault?
No, this feature is Not Applicable to Enterprise accounts
Yes, emergency access for a designated individual can be set up as part of your Premium account
No, this feature is not available for Free accounts
What does the account cost? $0 (service provided by UW–Madison)

$0 (after validation of affiliation with UW–Madison)

Otherwise $36/year

 $0 (it's a free tool)

For a full list of features for each account type, refer to the LastPass Pricing page.

LastPass Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise accounts are tied to UW–Madison employment. They are available to faculty, staff, and student-employees for work-related university usernames and passwords. Enterprise accounts are supported by DoIT, are compatible with NetID Login, and have additional functionality relating to password sharing, group management, and user provisioning. You can sign up for an Enterprise Account through your Wisc Account Administration Page. For full instructions, see Getting Started with LastPass Enterprise.

Please Note: To have full enterprise functionality, your LastPass Enterprise account email should be your email address.

LastPass Premium Accounts

LastPass Premium accounts are separate from LastPass Enterprise accounts.

As part of the Enterprise Site License, UW–Madison can offer free LastPass Premium accounts to anyone with an active UW–Madison email address. If you already have a LastPass Free account associated with the email address you use, your Free account will be upgraded to a Premium account at no cost.

LastPass Premium accounts are not supported by DoIT and lack some of the functionality of Enterprise accounts, but still provide a robust personal password management solution for students, faculty/staff/employees that want a personal account, and those who are eligible for but don’t want an Enterprise account. You can sign up for your free LastPass Premium account through our premium partner link:

UW-Madison LastPass Premium Partner Signup Link

To sign up, in the first field, enter any of your UW–Madison email addresses to confirm eligibility. 

In the second field, enter any personal email address to set up and access your LastPass Premium account. If you want to upgrade your LastPass Free account to Premium, enter the email address associated with your LastPass Free account.

Please Note: If you’ve already purchased a Premium account independently, you will need to cancel your automatic renewal, before the free Premium perk can be added to your personal account.

LastPass Free Accounts

LastPass Free accounts are the most basic account offered by LogMeIn. They are available to anyone at any time regardless of affiliation to UW–Madison. Unlike Enterprise and Premium accounts, Free accounts have storage and sharing limits, and lack advanced features such as emergency contacts and encrypted file storage for important documents. LastPass Free accounts are not supported by DoIT. However, you can independently sign up for a LastPass Free account through the LastPass website. 

For a full list of features for each account type, refer to the LastPass Pricing page.

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