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Student Introductions — Examples

A professor in Survey Marketing wanted to create a sense of community in her online course and to support a large group project that students would be working on throughout the semester. At the beginning of the semester, she chose to have students' introductions through the Canvas Discussions tool. She has two main goals for the activity: 1) have students share their experience with marketing a product in a specific market, and 2) share an essential lesson or takeaway from that project.

  • Discussion Prompt: Post a one-paragraph-long description of their experience (up to 300 words) after the second class period.
  • Response Prompt: Respond to one post and make some connections between your experiences with marketing and theirs.
  • Followup Activity: You will be asked to introduce your partners and share the insights you gained from the activity.
  • Points: Students received up to 10 points for the activity.
Example Post Example Response

Hi, my name is Kendra Pearce. I am a junior in Marketing. Last summer, I interned at S.C. Johnson in their marketing department. The product my team worked on was the introduction of their new body wash products. Before this product, the product line previously focused on household, laundry, and dish cleaning. Personal body wash products presented a challenge in product expectations. One wants a cleaning product to be strong, and effective in removing germs and dirt. Personal body wash products usually focus on gentle cleaning and calming experiences. My challenge was to leverage the aromatherapeutic product line experiences with this product while reinforcing the gentle and pleasant experience of using this new product. Our solution was to introduce our first product which we named Rain Water Body Wash. Our tagline was "A little rainwater can make you feel like sunshine." My greatest takeaway was how to effectively present a product message that redirected conflicting perspectives into a new and positive direction.

Hi, Kendra. My name is James Bolstrod, and I am also a sophomore looking for internship positions this summer. I appreciated your post because I thought it was a really good example of product lines with multiple audiences. One wants to create a general brand identity but be able to create a breadth of the line that can expand over time. The idea of "cleaning" is applied differently from situation to situation. I liked the solution you came up with a lot. It made me reflect on my experience with food storage products with single and family target audiences.

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