Finding the Hostname of Your Computer

There are several locations that you can find the hostname, or name, of your computer.

For machines managed by the SSCC, there should be a sticker on the PC with the hostname. Caution: in rare cases, the hostname on the sticker may not be the same as the hostname set on the machine. Therefore, we recommend always using one of these methods to find your hostname.

Method 1

  1. Click on the Start and type "about".
  2. Click on About your PC in the results.
  3. Under Device Specificaitons in the settings window, you will see your Device Name.

Method 2

  1. Launch the Control Panel by searching for Control Panel in the Start Menu, or by typing Win+R and typing "control.exe" in the Run menu.

  2. Click on the System menu in the Control Panel
  3. On the System Information screen, you will see your Computer name.

Method 3

This method will work on Windows or Unix-based systems (like macOS and Linux)

  1. Launch the command line
    1. On Windows this is "Command Prompt" or "PowerShell"
    2. On macOS and Linux this is "Terminal"
  2. Type "hostname" at the prompt. The command line will return the value of your computer's hostname.

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