Kaltura - Known Issue - Videos Embedded in Canvas Do Not Load for Specific Users [UW-Madison]

This document describes a rare issue where a duplicate Kaltura user account can be created for a user. This causes that user to lose the ability to view embedded Kaltura media in Canvas, Kaltura My Media, Kaltura Galleries, or Kaltura MediaSpace. The problem appears to be tied to the user account and follows the user across courses, browsers, and devices.

If a duplicate account has been accidentally created, the user will not see the embedded media. Instead, there will be a blank space where the video is supposed to display. In Canvas, clicking on the user's icon and then selecting Kaltura My Media or Kaltura Gallery will also result in a blank white screen. This occurs no matter what browser or computer the user uses, and no matter which Kaltura video or Canvas course is involved. Other students in the course are able to see the videos. When you check 3rd party cookie settings, Kaltura is allowed. No ad-blocker or privacy software is blocking Kaltura and Kaltura and Canvas are set as allowed.


This issue is rare and can effect students, instructors, or staff users who access Kaltura media in Canvas.


Users can try disabling privacy or ad-blocking software that could be causing issues (see Kaltura - Known Issue - Privacy and Ad-blocking Software Can Cause Issues with Kaltura MediaSpace [UW-Madison] ). Try an incognito browser which doesn't load most of the plugins you may have configured. 

If you still can't display Kaltura media in a Canvas course contact the DoIT Help Desk. If they are unable to help you resolve the situation they will escalate the ticket to the Learn@UW-Madison team to help resolve and remove the duplicate user account.

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