PERC- How to Review and Submit Rosters


Guide to reviewing rosters of students to be evaluated in SIS for Post-Enrollment Requisite Check. Before each term, Curricular Services runs a process to review a select set of courses, which identifies students who have not met a requisite for a course they are currently enrolled in. Please note: this process is not run for every course, and is only available to departments who have opted in via communication with the RO.


Departments that have previously participated in PERC will be contacted by Curricular Services (CS) to determine which courses they would like to be included in the PERC process. At this time, only courses under catalog number 700 are eligible for PERC and may not be cross-listed. CS will run a process that will indicate which students on the individual class rosters have either not met or conditionally met the requisite. Departments will be notified of a 9-day window during which they will need to review the class rosters and determine whether each student should be dropped or allowed to remain enrolled.

Step 1:

Log in to SIS and navigate to Curriculum Management > Enrollment Requirements > Post Enroll Req Checking > Review Enrollmnt Rqrmnt Roster.

perc menu navigation with Review Enrollmnt Rqrmnt Roster highlighted

Step 2:

Click on a class roster to view the students 

PERC review

Step 3:

Confirm the class information (subject, catalog, class number, title, day/time, location, instructor)

Enrollment Requirement Roster (Summary) Roster details

Step 4:

Review Enrollment Requirements 

Enrollment Requirements

Step 5:

Optional: set filter options to view select students (e.g. Not Satisfied, Conditionally Satisfied*)

Set Filter Options

Step 6:

 For each student with a Drop/Approved Indicator, determine whether they will be approved to remain enrolled, or have a drop requested. Use the available drop-down menu to select either Approved (can remain enrolled) or Drop Request (will be dropped from the course): 

Enrolled and Waitlisted Students Requirement Data tab Drop roster

Note: If you are reviewing students on a Waitlist (instead of Enrolled in the course) and set them to Approved, you may see this pop-up message: 

PERC waitlist message pop-up

Click OK. This message is just letting you know that students are also managed on the Waitlist by a separate process. You should still be able to submit the roster. 

Step 7:

Check the box to indicate Review Complete for Batch Drop Processing once you have completed the review. This will remove the roster from the previous list and allow Curricular Services to process the drops.

 Review  Complete for Batch Drop Processing box

*Enrollment/Post-Enroll Requirement Status Definitions:

  • Not Satisfied: The student has not met the enrollment requirements for the class.
  • Conditionally Satisfied: The student has conditionally met the enrollment requirements using in-progress coursework. After the coursework is completed and grades are posted, post-enrollment requirement checking should be run to determine if the student has satisfied the enrollment requirement.
  • Permitted: The enrollment requirement was satisfied for the class through a class permission.
  • Overridden: The enrollment requirement for this class was satisfied by using an enrollment requirement override. This is usually done by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Satisfied: The student has met the enrollment requirement for this class.
  • Unknown: No requirement status exists. This value typically appears when a requirement was added to the class after the student was enrolled or the student was enrolled in the class before post-enrollment requirement processing was implemented.

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