Resources for git and GitHub Desktop

a list of resources for getting acquainted with Git

Git basics

Read this article to learn about version control and why it's important: What is version control, from Earth Data Science

This guide from Codecademy again explains version control and introduces you to GitHub Desktop, the recommended application for git management in the lab. If you're new to git in general, I recommend actually performing the steps in the GitHub Desktop section of the article on your computer. It is a good demonstration of the simplest and most common workflows we use in the lab:

Other resources, more geared toward using git bash

If you aren't using GitHub Desktop and are instead using git bash, here is a KB doc with several reference commands:

This is a continuation of the Earth Data Science workshop. You can see what it's like to make a new repository and make simple changes to it. The guide assumes you're using git bash, but you can try to perform the same steps in GitHub Desktop:

This website has a web-based interface for practicing command-line git commands. However, this is only relevant if you are only using git bash; these are all handled more intuitively via GitHub Desktop. This does introduce more advanced git tools like cherry-picking and rebasing, if you go through the whole thing. Thus, it's only recommended for users seeking advanced skills.

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