Deleting Folders or Assets within Eloqua

Before you try to delete an item in Eloqua, please read this guidance.

Sometimes, you abandon a draft, want to clean up your folders, or notice someone else's folder accidentally got put in yours. You right-click the item and ... you can't delete!

Why you can't delete

Most Eloqua users are set up to not have the ability to delete on purpose. This is so you don't accidentally delete an asset you, someone in your group, or another UW Eloqua user needs. Once an asset is deleted, there is no way for you or the UW Eloqua administrators to rescue it. If Oracle can restore it, it can take a week or longer for restoration.

What you can do instead

Create a trash folder (if you name it z.trash, it will be at the bottom of your list of folders when you sort alphabetically) and pull any items you wish to delete into that folder. You can ask your Group Admin or Eloqua Admin to periodically delete the files for you.

If you need a Group Admin/need to designate a Group Admin/need to know who your Group Admin is or if you have one

Please contact with your user group name. (This is the same as your Contact Label.)

I'm a Group Admin, and I still can't delete!

Even if you have delete privileges, you still may not be able to delete an asset or folder. This may be because:

  • The item is being used in a current campaign or otherwise linked to items in Eloqua. 
  • If it's a folder, it may contain items that you cannot see and do not have rights to edit or delete.

If you are a Group Admin and cannot delete something that belongs to your user group, please contact

A reminder on security and "invisible" assets. You cannot see other groups'  assets (emails, segments, campaigns, etc.), and they cannot see yours. However, you can see each other's folders. If you see a misplaced folder or asset in your folder, please do not delete it. Instead, email to have it rehomed.  Do not delete folders (even if they appear empty) or assets that do not belong to you.

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