Key to geBLCX Codes


geBLCX codes are used to help identify which requirements a course fulfills

'g' column

Identifies courses that satisfy the communication or quantitative reasoning University General Education Requirement.

a = Communication A
b = Communication B
q = Quantitative Reasoning (QR) A
r = Quantitative Reasoning (QR) B

'e' column

Indicates courses that satisfy the ethnic studies requirement

e = Ethnic Studies

'B' column

Indicates courses that satisfy breadth area requirements

B = Biological Science
H = Humanities
L = Literature (can also count towards the Humanities requirement)
N = Natural Science (does not necessarily satisfy specific biological or physical science requirements)
P = Physical Science
S = Social Science
W = Social or Natural Science
X = Humanities or Natural Science
Y = Biological Science or Social Science
Z = Humanities or Social Science

'L' column

Indicates course level

E = Elementary level
I = Intermediate level
A = Advanced level

'C' column

Indicates whether a course counts towards the 108 Liberal Arts & Science credits.

C = Liberal Arts & Sciences credit

'X' Column

Indicates a course that is cross-listed with another department; i.e., the same course is offered by both departments.

X = Cross-listed Course

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