Creating an Email Using a Template

Once you have your templates set, you can create emails based off of them.

  1. Navigate to the Overview page in Emails by going to Assets > Emails. Then click the orange Create an Email button.


  2. In the Template Chooser window that appears, ignore all of the generic pink layouts. Instead, click All Files on the left side. 
  3. Then navigate to your user group's folder. Don't forget, you can toggle between the list and thumbnail views by clicking the buttons by the search bar in the upper right corner.


    Don't forget that this "All Files" view is not the same as the "All Files" view you see when you are browsing emails. You will not see any draft or active emails in this folder. Only templates live here.
  4. Navigate to the template you want to use and click Choose (or just double-click the template's icon). 
  5. Eloqua will ask for the same settings it always does when creating an email. 
    1. Enter a Subject Line.
    2. Select an Email Group. (Don't forget, this is the type of email you are sending. It is not a segment.)
    3. Click Design Email.
  6. Eloqua will create a new email based off of your template! Under Email SettingsSender Name, Sender Email Address, Reply-to Name and Reply-to Address will all be filled in from your template. However, they are all editable. Don't forget to also add your Subject Line and any Preview Text!
  7. Depending on how your template was set up, you may not be able to edit the email's layout, style or certain content blocks.
  8. Don't forget to rename your email, ensure your Email Settings are correct and save!

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