Appealing an SSFC Decision

Last updated 11/20/2020
The appeals process for GSSF organizations as defined by the SSFC Standing Rules and ASM Constitution and Bylaws is as follows:

2.032(6) - Appeals
(a) -
Appeals of any SSFC decision shall be addressed as follows
(a)i -
Viewpoint Neutrality Complaints will be addressed before the Student Judiciary as per 5.07(3)
(a)ii -
For all complaints the reviewing body shall defer to the factual findings of SSFC unless those factual findings are arbitrary, capricious or made in a non-Viewpoint Neutral manner.
(a)iii -
For all complaints the reviewing body shall defer to any interpretation SSFC makes of its own bylaws so long as the interpretation is not arbitrary, capricious, applied inconsistently/in a non-Viewpoint Neutral
manner, or manifestly against the plain  meaning of the bylaws when taken as a whole.
(b) -
Complaints that allege a procedural deficiency, incorrect finding of fact, or the incorrect interpretation of a bylaw may choose to submit an appeal to the Student Judiciary.
(b)i -
If the Student Judiciary does not receive an appeal within 5 days of delivering an adverse result to a party that wishes to appeal, the appealing party shall be deemed to have waived their right to appeal.
(b)ii -
Lack of preparation by an organization may not be a valid reason to grant an appeal

The Student Judiciary is the final authority for procedural appeals. The UW-Madison Chancellor is the final authority for Viewpoint Neutrality appeals, but will only consider them once ASM's processes have been exhausted. For guidance on filing an appeal, please contact the Student Judiciary Chief Justice.
The Student Judiciary Website also holds helpful resources that include how to file a complaint and the necessary materials and templates to do so.

Once the Student Judiciary accepts an appeal, the chief Justice will appoint a panel of three judges to hold a hearing and decide the case. Please note that the hearing itself is formal and structured and the Student Judiciary maintains a professional distance from the rest of ASM, as their job is to ensure due process, transparency, and fair treatment.

If the Student Judiciary decides with the appellant, they could grant relief in a variety of forms, but it is ultimately up to the Student Judiciary on what that relief/outcome will be.

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