Lumen Program: Step-by-Step Instructions (Table of Contents)

Series of linked KnowledgeBase documents that includes instructions for accessing and completing the form, start to finish. This document contains the Table of Contents.

The Lumen online system is the gateway for faculty, curricular representatives, and governance bodies to update, track, and approve functions related to courses, curriculum, and programs. Lumen is based on the vendor-developed CourseLeaf software, and the data system was specifically tailored for UW-Madison's processes. 

Lumen Program, which was implemented in October 2018, is the component of the overall system that deals with academic program development and maintenance. Likewise, Lumen Courses is focused on course-related activities and Lumen Structures captures activities within other academic realms, such as departments, subjects, centers, divisions, etc.

Within the Lumen Program system, individuals can propose new academic programs or make changes to existing academic programs. This includes degrees/majors, named options, certificate (undergraduate, graduate/professional, and capstone), minors, honors programs, and non-degree programs. 

This series of linked KnowledgeBase documents is designed to walk a proposer through every step of preparing a Lumen Program proposal, from accessing the Lumen system itself to completing the various sections of the online form. Following is the document's Table of Contents, which can be used to navigate through the full series or jump to a particular section. 

Lumen Program KnowledgeBase Document: Table of Contents

  1. Accessing the System
  2. General Principles
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Parent Plan and Child Subplan Accompaniment
  5. Header Section
  6. Basic Information (85067)
    1. Dates (88614)
    2. Vested Interest (96516)
    3. Program Review (85940)
  7. Suspension and Discontinuation (85068)
    1. Dates (88614)
  8. Rationale and Justifications (85069)
  9. Diversity and Inclusion (106112)
  10. Faculty and Staff Resources (85070)
  11. Resources, Budget, and Finance (85073)
  12. Curriculum and Requirements (85074, 88618 [UG certs])
    1. Four-Year Plans (69387)
  13. Program Learning Outcomes and Assessment (85075)
  14. Related Programs (85076)
  15. Commitments (85077)
  16. Supporting Information (85078)
    1. Table (96516)
  17. Approvals (85079)
    1. Dates (88614)
  18. For Administrative Use (85080)
    1. Dates (88614)
    2. CAF Values (93650)

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