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This document describes how HelioCampus AC department administrators can view response rates during course evaluations.


The value of a course evaluation depends heavily upon the number of responses that are returned from students. In general, the more responses, the better.

To help improve response rates, HelioCampus AC allows department administrators to review and monitor response rates for each course section that has been assigned to a given survey. They can do this while the survey is still active. This way, instructors can be informed of low response rates in time to remind students, or otherwise inspire higher levels of participation in the survey.

Additionally, the Provost's office has listed some best practices that are intended to guide departments and programs in achieving higher response rates. 

To Review Survey Response Rates

  1. Using the left navigation menu, navigate to Surveys.
    Survey Manager is under the Surveys heading

  2. The cumulative response rate for each survey is presented in the circular graph under the column titled % Response.
  3. To narrow down into the response rates per section, locate the concerned survey, and select the Manage button right-most column.
    The manage button is to the right of the survey name, under the Actions column

  4. You will be brought to the survey's dashboard. In the left column, select Survey Results.
    Survey Results option

  5. The Survey Results by Institution window is displayed for this survey. You may expand the information by clicking on the expand icon, and can expand all the way to the course section level. Once expanded, you can quickly scan for any sections in red percentages, which are below the average response rates. As you move closer to the survey end dates hopefully you will see higher response rates. Some departments have response rates over 95%, but the average on campus for a department is 55%.
    Show survey response rates per section

Color Codes 

The color indicators in the HelioCampus AC Dashboard My Course Evaluations widget and on the survey results page have a percentage rate like the following:

0-24% = Red

25-49% = Orange

50-74% = Yellow

75-100% = Green


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