General Student Services Fund Hours

Last Updated 12/11/2020
Paid positions within the GSSF are budgeted in "hours per week" with a limit of 33 weeks per academic year. This accounts for roughly two weeks of unpaid time during the academic year (usually taken over academic breaks: fall, winter, spring). Some positions may be separately budgeted for the 15 week summer term. 

As long as employees follow proper expectations, they are free to vary their hours from week to week in order to best fulfill their professional obligations and the needs of the organization. That being said, historically underspent salaries have been reduced by the Student Services Finance Committee so organizations can adequately use the budgets they are given.

If an employee chooses to use up their available hours in less than 33/15 weeks depending on the term, they will have to stop working regardless of personal circumstances. The Student Services Finance Committee expects paid employees to plan effectively, be mindful of the total hours allocated to a position, and only request exemptions if there is a substantial need.

Students employed by a General Student Services Fund (GSSF) organization can log hours through HRS. In order to begin logging hours, Authorized Signers (supervisors) must fully complete hiring paperwork and the employee must complete their I-9 processes with ASM payroll staff.

In MyUW, students should find the Time and Absence portal to begin logging their hours.

It is important that students log hours that they work both within HRS and within the GSSF Accountability Sheet.

If employees have questions on logging hours, they should first ask their organizations Authorized Signers (supervisors) and then reach out to the ASM Funding Advisor.

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