Cisco VoIP - Jabber Client Navigation & Limitations (Chromebook)

This documentation will highlight how to navigate the Cisco Jabber application on Chromebook systems.

Hub Window Navigation

1. User Information and Navigation to Settings - Displays signed in user information, options, and allows for navigation to the settings.

2. Contact List View - List of contacts that you've added to your list.

3. Call View (Default View) - History of calls (all calls and missed calls). This view is the default when launching Cisco Jabber.

4. Calendar / Meetings View - This view does not currently function under the UW-Madison system.

5. Voicemail View: Allows for you to view received voicemails, send voicemails, and call your own voicemail for configuration.

6. Search (Available under the Call, Contact, and Calendar views) - Searching will bring up contacts within the organization, saved contacts, or relevant information to the search if it is available.

7. Keypad / Add Contact (Available under the Call and Contact views respectively) - The keypad view allows for the manual dialing of phone numbers. The contact view button changes to an add contact action under the Contacts view.

Jabber for Chromebook Hub View

User Menu Navigation

1. User Information - Selecting this displays the following information:

a. Phone number

b. Email

c. Name

d. Title

2. Hunt Group Status & Login - If your line is a part of a hunt group, your status will be displayed here. Selecting this will redirect to the settings page to login to the hunt group.

3. Settings - Redirects to the Cisco Jabber for Chromebook settings page. This page includes the following settings:

a. General

i. Vibration

ii. Status

iii. Display

iv. Custom tab

b. Calls

i. Audio and video

ii. Call options

iii. Call forwarding

iv. Hunt Group

c. Accounts

i. Phone Services

ii. Voicemail

d. Help

i. About

ii. Knowledge base

iii. Problem reporting

iv. Configuration

v. Send feedback to Cisco

4. Account Information - Displays the current line you're associated with along with voicemail. Selecting either of these will display the server(s) you're connected to and the login information for the current session.

5. Sign Out - Allows you to sign out from the current Cisco Jabber session.

Jabber for Chromebook User Menu View

Jabber for Chromebook Limitations

1. Due to the application being developed for Android phones / tablets, some pieces of this software do not function properly or correlate over to a laptop based design well. Examples of this are as follows:

a. Meetings tab under the Hub view

b. Vibration settings under the settings menu

c. Limited settings that are Chromebook / laptop specific

2. Only one line can be associated with a Jabber for Chromebook configuration

3. Calls cannot be redirected to a primary hardware phone

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