Remote Desktop - Accessing your HSLC Windows desktop from the internet

How to access your HSLC Windows desktop computer when you are away from the office.

From your HSLC work computer

1. Find out the host name or IP address. 

Note: Host name is preferred over IP address. Not all IP addresses stay the same overtime, unless a user’s computer has been issued a “static” IP address.  A static IP address should stay the same.

Locate host name:

Open File Explorer (yellow folder icon in taskbar).  In the left hand side column, “right click” on This PC, then choose Properties.  The host name is listed as Full computer name:


Locate IP address:

Open a web browser, and go to the following address: 

Your IP address will be a number that looks something like 128.104.###.###

Make a note of the host name, or IP address, you will need it for the Remote Desktop Connection.

2. Change your HSLC work computer's power settings so that it does not go into sleep mode.

Click the Start Menu, search for Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, then Power Options.

Click on Change power-saving settings, then Change plan settings

Under the section, “Put the computer to sleep:” choose Never

3. Check your Remote Desktop settings.

Note: Staff computers are already configured, so this setting is already be in place.  However, it’s a good thing to check and confirm anyway.

Open File Explorer (yellow folder icon in taskbar).  In the left hand side column, “right click” on This PC, then choose Properties. In the left hand side column, click on Remote settings.

In the Remote Desktop section, confirm that the setting: “Allow remote connections to this computer” is enabled.

4. Leave your HSLC work computer powered on. If the computer is not powered on, remote desktop cannot work.

From the (Windows) computer being used to connect to your HSLC work computer.

1. Download and install the WiscVPN client called GlobalProtect

The GlobalProtect can run the following two ways:

2. Launch the GlobalProtect

Use the following server address: and click the Connect button.

Login with your NetID username and password

3. Open Remote Desktop Connection to your HSLC Work Computer

Start Menu – All programs – Accessories – Remote Desktop Connection

In the Remote Desktop Connection window under Computer:

Type in the Host Name ( or IP address (128.104.###.###) of your HSLC Work Computer and click Connect

Remote Deskotp Host Name or IP screen shot

The Windows Login for your HSLC Work Computer will appear.

Type in the same credentials you use to login while you are at your desk, with the exception of adding MSAD\ before the username.

Example: MSAD\badger

MSAD Credentials Screen shot

IF, you see the Certificate message (like the picture below)

check the box next to “Don’t ask me again…” and click Yes.

Certificate screen shot

You should now be logged into your work computer, via the Remote Desktop Connection window.

4. When finished with your remote desktop session, close out the Remote Desktop window (click the X) or log out of the HSLC Work Computer.

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