General Student Services Fund Supervisor Responsibilities

Last updated 12/16/2020
Each organization supported through the General Student Services Fund designates two students who supervise each paid position within the org.

These supervisors are often referred to as Authorized Signers and undergo training to supervise and make purchases on behalf of the GSSF organization. These students also approve hours for one another. 

Supervisors have the following responsibilities: 
  • The supervisor determines if there is work that a specific role should be doing.
  • The supervisor monitors the budget and makes sure that hours are available to pay for any work that is submitted to the payroll system.
  • The supervisor verifies that hours submitted reflect work that has observably been accomplished. 
  • The supervisor works with their employees to make sure they are adhering to wage policy and correctly entering their hours into the University’s payroll system. 
While individual employees may take the initiative when working on their projects and goals, no student employee sets or approves their own workload, and no employee is entitled to funds that are not present in their organization's budget. 

Employees within the General Student Services Fund are responsible for monitoring the hours available to them in their budget. Being unaware of a position’s available hours is never an excuse for over-drawing that position’s funding. 

If you have questions on your role as a supervisor, having difficult conversations with employees, or any other questions, comments, or concerns, contact us:

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