General Student Services Fund Violations

Last updated 12/16/2020
Violations occur when organizations in the General Student Services Fund do not follow criteria, policy, or procedure correctly.

Full violations and repercussions can be found in the SSFC Policies and Procedures.

In short, violations can occur in the following categories:
  • General Wage Policy Violations: logging hours incorrectly, over-logging hours without proper exemptions, submitting prior period timesheets
  • Accountability Sheet Violations: not properly maintaining hours in the Accountability Sheet for the SSFC to review
  • Branding Policy Violations: not having the ASM logo on advertisements at all or not properly or visibly correct
  • General Policy Violations: food policy, apparel policy, etc. violations
  • Intentional Policy Violations: violating any of the above policies intentionally when you have already been informed of the policy and to not do an action
Each of these has a set of repercussions each time a violation occurs. The repercussions escalate with each type of violation and can eventually result in your GSSF organization being frozen for the rest of the year.
The goal of repercussions is not to be punitive but to help students learn from mistakes and not repetitively make the same errors over and over.

The SSFC Chair will manage all violations and address repercussions as they come up.

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