Safer Badgers - Loaner Device Troubleshooting

If your Safer Badgers loaner device is not working properly, please follow the instructions below.

These devices are managed through DoIT and are restricted. End users are not allowed to download or remove apps and some settings may not be accessible. Most apps are turned off by default on purpose. The only apps that should be available are Safer Badgers, Duo, Settings, Clock, Hub, and Safari, which is limited to access domain websites only. Phone call and text capabilities are also turned off with the exception of emergency lines.

! Your COVID-19 Private Key contains your testing and health history. This information will be lost if you do not save your COVID-19 Private Key prior to uninstalling your app.

! We do not store your COVID-19 Private Key, testing history, or health history on our server. We will not be able to retrieve it for you.

iOS Software or App issues:

  • ! IMPORTANT: Uninstalling the app should be a last resort on loaner devices especially, as you may lose your COVID-19 Private Key. Please call the Help Desk first: Get Help from DoIT.
    • Note: This is how the home screen will look when fully enrolled. The Safer Badgers app is located in the bottom bar of the home screen.
  • If app related, force quit the app following the instructions here: Close an app on your iPhone or iPod touch and open the app again to see if the issue persists.
  • Turn the phone off and on to reset the software.
  • If the phone won't turn off following the normal steps, follow the instructions here: Apple Force Restart Guide to force restart the phone.
  • Wipe and reset the phone following the instructions here: How to erase your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This step requires the 4 digit PIN that was created during phone set up. If you forgot the PIN, see next step.
    • ! Warning! This will erase any personal data on the phone. The phone will be reset back to the way it was when you first received it.
  • If you forgot the PIN that was set up or the above steps did not resolve the issue, please call the Help Desk at 608-264-4357 and choose option 1 to set up a case to have the phone wiped remotely or set up a time to pick up a replacement phone. Get Help from DoIT
  • For more Safer Badgers app troubleshooting, please see: Safer Badgers - App Troubleshooting

Hardware Issues:

  1. If your device won't turn on or turned off unexpectedly, follow the steps here: If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won't turn on or is frozen

  2. If there is damage to the phone (a cracked screen, drop damage, or water damage), contact to set up a time to exchange the device. 

  3. For all other issues or if your device still won't turn on after following step 1, contact the Help Desk for further assistance. Available times and contact methods can be viewed here: Get Help from DoIT

Additional Help

For more information on the COVID-19 measures on campus, please see COVID-19 Response.

For more information on Safer Badgers, please see Safer Badgers.

If you have questions, please email

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