UW-Madison Zoom - Known Issues

All clients or multiple clients

The issues listed below apply to all or multiple clients (web and desktop).

  • Error "Error Code 2216" within Canvas

    Cause: Any user who is not in our UW-Madison Zoom tenant and is not an instructor/teacher, will not be able to access this Zoom module and any meetings within it.

  • Current workaround(s)
    • Create Zoom links outside of Canvas and copy/paste those links within your course syllabus.

  • Error "user is not a paid user under your account" or "user does not exist" or "is not a user in your Zoom account" when attempting to add a user as an alternate host to a Zoom event.

    Cause: There are two reasons why this occurs:

    • The address you entered does not exist within our primary UW-Madison Zoom tenant - please review email address formatting article to make sure you are entering the address format correctly.

    • If you are entering the correct address format, but still receiving this error, ask the user to sign into UW-Madison Zoom and try again.

  • Current workaround(s)
    • Make the user a co-host after they join event.

  • When attempting to add a user to a Zoom channel, the "add" button is grayed-out.

    Cause: User being added has not logged into their UW-Madison Zoom account via the Zoom desktop client.

  • Current workaround(s)
    • User being added will need to sign into their UW-Madison Zoom account via the Zoom desktop client. Once they've signed in, another user will be able to add them to a Zoom channel.

  • Error "Failed to detect a speaker" when joining an event via Zoom desktop client

    Cause: Some users may have experienced this issue running version 5.7.4 (804).

  • Current workaround(s)
    • Update Zoom desktop client to most current version (currently at 5.7.5(939)).

  • Error message: "An unknown error occurred. Error code: 1132"
  • Web or Desktop: Desktop

  • Operating System: macOS

  • Current workaround:

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