BigFix - Web Reports - Finding Application Installations

This document will cover the process by which a Web Reports user can see what computers an application is installed on.


The filter is incredibly useful for sorting through computers. A filter works by either a conjunctive (all) set of properties or a disjunctive set of properties (any). 

  1. From the Web Reports home page, select Explore Data from the top menu
  2. In the initial drop down box, select "Computer"
  3. In the "Search Properties" field, type one of the below according to your chosen OS and select the auto-completed property
    1. Windows: "Installed Applications - Windows"
    2. macOS: "Installed Applications - Versions - Mac OS X"
  4. Two more fields will appear: another drop down and a text field. The drop down lists the search operator ("contains", "does not contains", etc.), and the blank field will contain the value you are searching for
  5. Leave the "contains" field as "contains".
  6. Enter the name of an application, such as "Chrome" for Google Chrome.
  7. Press Apply Filter
  8. All computers with Chrome installed will appear below
  9. Add any additional filters to narrow your results

Modify Table Columns

To view the "Installed Applications" column in the table, you will need to add the associated property. To do so, follow the below instructions:

  1. Click "Edit Columns"
  2. Under "Available Columns", enter in the name of the property you would like to add (e.g. "Installed Applications - Windows" or "Installed Applications - Versions - Mac OS X")
  3. Check the checkbox next to your chosen property
  4. In the "Current Columns" section there will be a "+" sign next to the name of the property. This plus sign controls whether all apps are listed or just the ones we were searching for. If you click the "+" sign it will turn to a "-" sign and show just the Chrome app for every computer in our list.

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