Uploading Documents to File Storage to Create Links

Although you cannot attach files to an Eloqua send, you can upload a file to Eloqua and add a link to it in your email.

File limitations

  • File uploads are different than image uploads. Please do not use File Storage for images! You can find out more about uploading, replacing and managing image files.
  • Linking to a file upload does not embed the file into your email. It will not display the document in your email. Instead, you are uploading a document to link to.
  • The maximum size for an upload in file storage is 10 MB.
  • The name of the file (including the dot and extension) can't exceed 100 characters.
  • Supported file formats are: 
    • Adobe PDF (sometimes called an "Adobe file" or "Acrobat") - .pdf
    • Microsoft Word - .doc or .docx
    • Microsoft Excel - .xls or .xlsx
    • Microsoft PowerPoint - .ppt or .pptx
    • Calendar files - .ics
    • Media files - .swf, .wmv, .aiff, .au, .mp3, .wma, .mp4, .avi, .asf, .rm, .mpeg, .mpeg-4 or .mov - Please note this links to a media file. It does not embed the media into your email as a video or sound clip.

Upload your file

  1. In Eloqua, navigate to Assets > Components > File Storage.
  2. Find your user group's folder and double-click it to open it. 
  3. Click the Upload ... button in the upper right corner of the screen. A new window will open.
  4. Click the blue square with the cloud and arrow and navigate to the file on your computer. 
  5. Ensure that the Where: dropdown has your user group's folder listed!


After the upload is complete, you should see it in your folder. 

Link the file in your email

  1. Open the email where you'll insert a link to the file you just uploaded.
  2. Hyperlink the object (e.g., text, button, image) you want your readers to click to access the file you uploaded. 
  3. In the control panel on the left, look for Hyperlink Properties. 
    • Change the Link Type dropdown menu to say File in File Storage.


    • Then, click the button with the folder icon to navigate to where you just saved your file.


  4. Save your work! 
  5. When a contact clicks the hyperlink (text, button or image) in the email, it will open the file you uploaded in their web browser. 

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