WiscWeb - Sharing events between sites

The following document will walk you through the options available for sharing events between websites in WiscWeb.

There are currently three tools available for sharing events between websites: 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to integrate multiple calendars into one primary calendar. This primary calendar can then be shared via a WiscWeb site via embed code. 

This option will display your events as an actual calendar on the page. 

  1. Use Google's instructions for adding multiple calendars into one
  2. Follow the steps listed in WiscWeb - Embed a Google Calendar to embed the primary Google calendar into your WiscWeb page
  3. Your results will look something like this:

    Google Calendar example

Today.wisc.edu calendar

The today.wisc.edu calendar option will allow you to combine content from multiple feeds and display them as one events list in WiscWeb:

  1. Navigate to your Today.wisc.edu account
  2. Select the primary feed that you'd like to use

    Example of a test feed in today.wisc.edu

  3. Select the +Add Filter button

    Add Filter button for today.wisc.edu events

  4. Choose from the available dropdowns to add rules for your filter based on your needs (Example: you could add a rule to include all events from your department)

    Options available for events in today.wisc.edu

  5. Select the Re-apply filters button

    "Reapply Filters" button in today.wisc.edu

  6. Follow the steps listed in WiscWeb - Today.wisc.edu Events Page Element to add the events to your WiscWeb page
  7. Your results will look something like this:

    Today.wisc.edu events example in WiscWeb

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