Inserting a Full-Width Divider Between Content Sections in an Email

Sometimes, it can be hard to insert content that spans the width of an email if it's between existing content. This document will show you how.

In this example, we are trying to insert a divider (horizontal line) that spans the entire width of the email between two stories. As you can see, each story contains a photo on the left and text on the right. If we try to drag a divider content block, it takes on the width of the existing content blocks:

The divider is either as wide as the images on the left ...


or, the divider is as wide as the text blocks on the right:


But we want a divider that is as wide as the entire email. In order to do this, we have to give the divider an area that also spans the entire email by inserting a layout block first.

  1. Navigate to the Layout area of the Design Components, and drag and drop the layout box that spans the width of the email on to the canvas.


  2. Once the layout box is in place on your layout, you can easily drag a divider (or any other content) to fill that layout block.


  3. Then you can style the content as you wish.


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