InterPro - Accommodation Request

Directions for completing an accommodation request through the UW-Madison Disability Resource Center.

Accommodation Request - UW-Madison McBurney Disability Resource Center

The McBurney Disability Resource Center is the office for students with disabilities and classroom accommodations on the UW-Madison campus. As part of the student accommodation process, the resource center works with students, instructors, and campus offices to provide and support effective student accommodations.

Services such as interpreting and captioning are requested, scheduled, and coordinated through the center.

To submit a request for accommodation, on behalf of a student enrolled in an Interdisciplinary Professional Program (InterPro), follow these steps:
  • Click on UW-Madison Department, as you are a current UW-Madison employee and submitting a request on behalf of the office. You will be prompted to log in with your NetID.
Image 1
  • Click on the Service Requests tab.
Image 2

  • Within this tab, you will be able to click on the Make New Request link or Create New Request button.
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Create/Edit a Service Request

Step 1:

Person/Event Info
    • If the student has a NetID, enter it in the field. Click Submit.
    • If the student does not have a NetID, click Skip this Step.
Image 4
Step 2:

Person/Event Info
    • Provide Event Name
Service/Assignment Type
    • Choose Service You Are Requesting
      • CART = real-time captioning services
      • Interpreting = sign language interpreting services
Image 5
    • Choose Delivery Method
      • Onsite = in-person course or event
      • Remote = online course or event
Image 6
    • Choose Type of Assignment
 Image 7

Step 3:

These choices will prompt Service Request Details to appear.

In Description of Assignment, provide details such as:
    • Student's name
    • Type of conference, course, meeting, etc.
    • Conference, course, meeting name
    • Program Director's name and contact information
    • Program Support's name and contact information
    • In-person location details or online format details
    • Dates and times
 Image 8

Provide Associated DDS (funding string) for purposes of invoicing.
    • NOTE: Accommodation services for non-credit professional development courses will typically be charged to the EPD Professional Development General UDDS Funding String.
Dates, Times, and Locations
  • Add Single Date or Multiple Dates by clicking on appropriate button.Image 9
Step 4:
Upon submission, a Success! notification will be shown, noting the service request was sent to the Coordinator at the McBurney Disability Resource Center.
Communication regarding fulfillment of the service request will be received via email.
Image 10

  • Upon completion of the service, an automatically generated email will be sent by the McBurney Disability Resource Center Deaf and Hard of Hearing scheduling software. An invoice will be attached to the message, noting terms of payment.
  • Forward this message and attached invoice to Accounting at
    • Within the message, provide an overview of the services provided and the funding string the services were billed to.
    • Click on the Invoices tab.
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