Self-provisioned accounts in GCP for Instructional use

How to properly self-provision GCP accounts for instructional use

As part of the changes to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as part of offering it to the UW Madison campus we have made a few changes for the self-provisioned accounts being used for education purposes.

First be aware that a self-provisioned account (one not provisioned by the UW-Madison public cloud team) is not covered by UW-Madison's contract with Google.  A self-provisioned account is an agreement between the person creating the account and Google.   See  Why Should I Use a UW Madison Public Cloud Account? for additional details on this distinction.

Any UW-Madison non-instructional use must go through the Public Cloud team if it is going to be covered by the UW-Madison Contract.  See the GCP Service page for the account request form and FAQs about UW Cloud Account Request Process .

We have made a small change that will slightly impact your account creation for instructional use.  When clicking on "create project" in the GCP console, you will come to the "New Project" window. Once on that page, provide a descriptive Project name, then click the BROWSE button in Location, and select the instruction->Faculty or instruction->Students as appropriate.  Then click the CREATE button.

For a brief video walk-through, click on the image below.

This change has been made to follow Google and Higher Education best practices in organizing GCP, while trying to have a minimal impact on instructional use.

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