CAE Duo - Getting a temporary Duo Code

How to get a temporary Duo code for your CAE account, in cases where your normal app/token/mobile device is lost or unavailable.
To get a temporary Duo code for your CAE account, you will need to Duo authorize with your NetID.  If you don't have access to your NetID Duo account either, you will need to get a temporary code for that as well.  To do so, please see here:
Please note: The temporary CAE specific Duo code that is generated can be used as many times as needed until expiration. Please ensure you safe guard the code as you would your regular duo device(s). You may also want to note the expiration date and time.  

1. Navigate to

2. Log in with your NetID and Password.
3. You will now be prompted to Duo authorize for your NetID.  If you need a temporary code for your NetID, please see DoIT's documentation here:
NetID Duo
4. Duo may ask you if the device you're using is your own. Select the option that applies. Note that this may not show up if you selected "Yes" before.
NetID Duo 2
4. Once you've Duo authorized, you'll be taken to the page seen below.  Please fill out all 3 fields and click "Request a Temporary Code"
Request Code
5. If successful, on the next page there should now be a green box at the top of the screen, containing a 9-digit temporary code as well as the day & time that the code expires
Temporary Code

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