Facilities-Production/technical services offered at the Hamel Music Center

A summary of production and technical services offered at Hamel Music Center. (These services are not offered in Morphy Recital Hall.)

Live sound reinforcement

The Mead Witter Foundation Concert Hall has 32 channels of inputs with 4 monitor channels, with full signal routing between stage and mix position. Collins Recital Hall has 24 inputs and four monitors. Both halls have modern digital audio boards. The Sound area has a collection of cables, wired, and wireless mics and direct boxes to support most production needs. For both live and recorded audio, more complex needs require more notice. 

Any requests for special audio details, like monitors, direct inputs, multi-mic setups, etc, should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Audio recording

Most School of Music recordings are entirely acoustic in the performance spaces, using a stereo pair of microphones. For larger projects, the same audio equipment described above can be routed to the control room for multi-track digital recording. Note that multi-track projects involving editing work must be scheduled outside the regular semester schedule of live performance events. 


In both recital hall and concert hall, lighting colors and specials are possible in addition to general stage lighting. The concert hall adds additional capabilities in terms of specials and effects. Note that special lighting requires adequate prep time, and some special requests may require added crew staffing. Moving lights are available in both performance spaces, use to be determined by the technical director and requests must be received at least three weeks in advance.

Any requests for special lighting details, like focusing specials, color cues, effects, etc., should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the scheduled event. 


Both performance halls in the Hamel Music Center are equipped with three fixed cameras, and we have three portable cameras. There is an entire separate policy to govern video streaming requests, found here. 

In addition to cameras for video streaming, both performance halls (and the rehearsal hall) are equipped with video projectors and screens. Video presentations are possible in any of these three spaces (including audio). The concert hall video screen is not a simple thing to deploy, so particularly for the concert hall, please provide at least a two-week notice if AV presentation is desired.

If any additional technical service not mentioned is desired, a request can be submitted in advance by email. 

For audio questions and support, contact Lance Ketterer – 263-1888 or ketterer@wisc.edu

For questions and support with lighting and acoustic systems contact Greg Silver – 262-9291 or gcsilver@wisc.edu

For video questions and support, contact Harry Browne – htbrowne@wisc.edu

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