Remapping Network Drives - Can't See Your Network Drives?

Occasionally your Network Drives will show a red “X” indicating the network drives are offline. You will have to remap the network drives manually to have them reappear online. Below are two methods to remap the network drives using a Department of Surgery supported computer.

If you are remote, you MUST be connected to the SMPH VPN first to remap your network drives. Please follow SMPH VPN - How to Connect to connect to the VPN. 

First Method

1.Click on the “Remap Network Drives” icon located within the Desktop Icon section.

2.A pop-up box from the “Client for Open Enterprise Server” will prompt for a login. Use your Surgery credentials to login.

3.Open “File Explorer” and click on “This PC” to see your network drives connected again.

Second Method

1. At the bottom left of your computer, there is an "up arrow". Click that to expand the system tray.

2. Right-Click on the OES icon, which is a dark blue square icon.

OES Client System Tray

3. Click on "OES Login" to login with your Surgery credentials.

4. Open "File Explorer" and your research drives should appear under "This PC"

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