Course Readiness Checklist

Semester Readiness

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Checklist to ensure your course is ready for students.

As we gear up for the start of a new semester, it is important that instructors feel confident in the course readiness of their courses. The following checklist guides you through different tasks you may want to consider. Once completed, you can feel comfortable that you and your course are prepared for student instruction.

Teaching Approaches

  • You provide students with a conceptual framework for the course (topics covered, supported course outcomes, and activities.
  • You provide students time to reflect on content before moving to a new topic.
  • You have a variety of ways for students to ask questions and get clarification on concepts.
  • You have plans for opportunities in which students engage with one another.

Course Materials

  • Learning materials are provided in multiple formats (print and digital).
  • PowerPoint slides limit the amount of text presented on the slide.
  • Font size is large enough to read, is sans-serif, and colors provide adequate contrast.
  • Slides use diagrams, tables, and graphics to represent content when appropriate.
  • You know how to upload and organize materials in your Canvas course.
  • You know how to upload and caption video content in Kaltura MediaSpace and how to make it available in Canvas.


Feedback and Assessment

  • Students are aware of how learning will be assessed.
  • You will provide student feedback on their performance (both formative and summative).
  • You have identified activities that help you intervene in students' learning challenges.
  • You can use Canvas SpeedGrader to provide quick feedback to students on assignments.
  • You have added your assignment rubrics to the Canvas Rubrics tool.

Technology Support

  • You have reviewed the list of supported technologies.
  • Students know where to get technical support for course-related technologies.
  • If tools are unsupported, students know where to get help with technical problems.

Course Syllabus

You have the required elements in your course syllabus:


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