Outside Employment for Dual-Employed Faculty Workflow

The process outlined below includes the necessary steps for receiving approval and processing outside employment requests. This process only applies to dual-employed faculty. Please contact facultyhr@med.wisc.edu with any questions.


Every dual-employed faculty member is required, as a condition of their employment, to commit certain professional income to UW Medical Foundation. If a dual-employed faculty member would like to take on additional employment with an outside agency and clinical compensation will be paid directly to them, they must obtain prior approval from their department chair, the Dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health, UW Health Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, and UW Health's Regional Services Office.

Department of Anesthesiology and Department of Emergency Medicine (Med Flight & ED), see separate process near bottom of workflow.

Note: SMPH only faculty seeking outside employment should consult with their Department Chair for approval, and we recommend the department contacts Kurt Zimmerman to discuss Outside Activities Reporting.

Faculty member's primary position is with SMPH/UWMF, and they are seeking a secondary outside position

Who should be contacted?

Department leaders must contact UW Health Regional Services, specifically, Allison Henke (AHenke@uwhealth.org), to discuss the request. Allison's team will determine if there is a UW Health business need for the outside work. If it is determined there is a need, and UW Health Regional Services can come to an agreement with the outside employer, UW Health may enter into a Professional Service Agreement (PSA) to allow for this outside work to occur.

If there is no PSA in place AND the faculty member's primary position is outside of SMPH/UWMF, and we are looking to hire them here via a small percentage position to moonlight, assist with call coverage, etc. 

The HR Business Partner will send an email to Faculty HR and include the following information:

  • Current CV/resume
  • Brief faculty bio
  • Proposed SMPH title, length of appointment, and FTE
  • Job description of what they will be doing at SMPH
  • Purpose/nature of work outside of SMPH
  • Time commitment for outside employment
  • Confirmation that the Department Chair is aware of the Conflict of Commitment Policy/Outside Activities Reporting requirement for these situations
  • Potential compensation for outside employment (if known)
  • Student involvement (if applicable)
  • Safeguards for IP (if applicable)

Faculty HR will review the initial request to confirm required information has been provided. If not, Faculty HR will follow up with the HRBP. Once the initial request is complete, Faculty HR will forward it to:

These individuals will then seek approved from UWH leaders and the SMPH Dean.

If anyone requires additional information, they will contact Faculty HR.

The Associate Dean of Human Resources will present the request to the SMPH Dean for SMPH approval. UW Health Legal will present the request to the Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for UW Health approval. The Associate Dean of HR, UW Health Legal and UWMF CAO will notify Faculty HR with their outcomes of the request (approved or denied). Faculty HR will inform the HRBP. If approved, Faculty HR will send the outside employment letter template to the HRBP, along with "Exhibit A" which will need to be sent to the faculty member when the outside employment letter is sent to them for signature. Exhibit A replaces the need for a Confidentiality and Restrictive Covenants Agreement.

HRBP will prepare the outside employment letter on department letterhead and send to Faculty HR. If there are no changes necessary, Faculty HR will send the letter to the UWMF Chief Administrative Officer for signature. The HRBP will advise the faculty member that they should include this outside employment on their Outside Activities Report. An outside employment request could occur at two different stages of a dual-employed faculty member’s lifecycle:

HRBP will also send UW offer letter and CV for review when returning the outside employment letter. Note: a provider intake form is no longer needed because UWMF will no longer be issuing a Confidentiality and Restrictive Covenant Agreement for hires with approved outside employment (unless there is an approved recruitment bonus, then an intake form would be needed to outline the terms of the approved bonus). However, if the new faculty hire will receive a recruitment bonus or salary advance, a provider intake form will be needed for the purpose of drafting that agreement. The faculty member will be given "Exhibit A" in place of the Confidentiality agreement. Faculty HR will provide this to the HRBP. Faculty HR and HRBP will follow Process for Reviewing SMPH Faculty Offer Letters (Dually Employed) for review.


If a department would like to extend a current outside employment agreement, please email Faculty HR with the following information:

  • Reason the extension is needed
  • Length of time/new end date being requested
  • Confirmation that details of original request remain the same, or provide details of anything that has changed

Faculty HR will contact SMPH and UW Health leaders for their review/approval. If approved, Faculty HR will send the appropriate outside employment letter template to the HRBP. HRBP will follow step 4 above.

Process specific to Department of Anesthesiology and Department of Emergency Medicine (Med Flight & ED Providers):

  1. The Dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health and the UW Health leaders (Drs. Pete Newcomer and Aimee Becker) have given the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Anesthesiology blanket approval to hire physicians from outside of UW Health into 5% moonlighting appointments without the need to follow the above approval process. If these providers have outside employment (most will), follow step 2.
  2. At the time of drafting the SMPH/UWMF paid 5% appointment letter, the DEM and DoA HRBP will prepare an outside employment letter using DoA or DEM 5% Moonlighter Outside Employment Letter Template (no variations). Submit both draft letters and the candidate's CV to Faculty HR to begin the review process on both letters through the standard faculty offer letter review process
    1. Note: the outside employment letter template is unlocked, so you can submit that letter without track changes on, and with letterhead. The 5% SMPH/UWMF appointment letter should be submitted as we do with any other offer letter, with track changes on and locked.

All candidates with approved outside employment should receive Exhibit A when receiving their offer letters. Exhibit A replaces the UWMF Confidentiality Agreement when a candidate has approved outside employment.


Professional Income

Under the UWMF bylaws, professional income is defined as “Each UWSMPH Faculty member is required, as a condition of his or her appointment, to commit certain professional income to the Corporation. The professional income required to be included in Corporation receipts consists of all collected fees derived from the diagnosis and treatment of patients by the Faculty member. Professional income shall also include fees for court appearances, pre-trial legal consultations and all other activities associated with medical-legal services, or other services related to patient care or human health. In addition, professional services include consultation with respect to the operation, supervision and quality control in laboratories.”

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