Academic Staff Communications Committee Minutes 06-13-21

Academic Staff Communications Committee

Monthly Meeting Meeting


Thursday, June 13, 2021


 2020-21 ASCC members in attendance: Felipe Gacharna, Pamela O’Donnell, Robyn Perrin, Lori Wilson. Liaison: Stephanie Elkins 

1.     Review and approve May minutes: - Tabled due to no quorum.

2.     Communications Committee change in membership:

a.     THANK YOU to our outgoing members (leaving June 30, 2021)! We are so grateful for your contributions. From keeping the committee organized, to driving forward our initiatives, to your invaluable input, we are thankful we had you on our committee.

                                          i.    Co-Chair Ashley Voss

                                         ii.    Kevin Kiley

b.     Incoming members (starting July 1, 2021) are:

                                          i.    Mary Ellen Gabriel (Director of Communications, College of Letters & Science)

                                         ii.    Sarina Lotlikar (Marketing Strategist, School of Education)

                                        iii.    Karla Weber (Communications Manager, Office of Student Financial Aid).

3.     Communications Committee Project Check-in:

a.     Website update and next steps – Felipe

                                                               i.      Felipe walked us through the draft site ( and all agreed it looks fantastic, and we’re excited for the improvements and modernizations in the look and feel, navigation and tools.

                                         ii.    Next steps 

1.     Tab owners/feedback-givers at should look through their sections.

2.     Robyn and any other editors should review top level pages.

3.     Please look for copy-editing changes and any other edits.

4.     Feel free to send Felipe changes or if you feel comfortable, making changes in the site.

5.     Pamela will search UW Archives for photos to use, especially on pages about the history of academic governance.

6.     Felipe sent the site to Jake and Lesley to review.

7.     Felipe requested that WiscWeb launch the site at 10 am on June 24 (two weeks from today).

8.     Our current committee makeup will be around through June to help. This coincides with our Chapman deadline.

9.     Lori will ask Jake about giving Felipe back-end access to the current site to check for orphaned pages. She’ll also ask about next steps to export the current site for archiving.

10.  We’ll continue to edit the site from now until launch and after launch, including a meeting to ensure there aren’t any errors or broken links after launch.

11.  After the WiscWeb site is live, we’ll ask the KB team to update the look and feel of the KB.

4.     Co-chair/Chair Update:

a.     Tabled until new committee meets.

b.     Next meeting date – Lori will create a when2meet for all 2021-22 committee members to fill out for recurring time frames that work for fall semester meetings.

5.     Additional/New business – N/A.

  1. Adjourn



Next meeting: TBD!


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