Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 05-10-21

Approved 09-13-21



Monday, May 10, 2021

3:30 to 5:00 p.m.


Provost Karl Scholz called the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m.


Memorial Resolution for Chris Logterman (ASA #758)

Kelley Harris read the memorial resolution for Chris Logterman.


Memorial Resolution for Susan Doyle (ASA #759)

Jim Gern read the memorial resolution for Susan Doyle.


Recognition of the 2020-2021 Academic Staff Excellence Award Winners

Secretary of the Academic Staff Jake Smith announced the winners of the 2020-21 Academic Staff Excellence Awards. The winners are Janet Batzli (Chancellor’s Hilldale Award for Excellence in Teaching), Alberto Vargas (Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service to the University), Pelin Cengiz (Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research: Independent Investigator), Steven Cook (Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research: Critical Research Support), Kim Beld (Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Leadership: Individual Unit Level), Manuela Romero (Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Leadership: College, School, or Larger University Community Level), Tom Zinnen (Robert and Carroll Heideman Award for Excellence in Public Service and Outreach), Jay Scholz (Martha Casey Award for Dedication to Excellence), and Kevin Niemi (Ann Wallace Career Achievement Award).


Guests: Mark Walters, Chief Human Resources Officer; Karen Massetti-Moran, Director of Total Rewards; Lotus Buckner, Director of Talent Management

On the topic of remote work, the plan is to finalize the policy in May, with an effective date at the beginning of August. Schools, colleges, and divisions will have the next two months to work on strategies for employees to return to onsite work in the August timeframe. Any remote work agreements that would need to be executed should be in place by the end of August, and an automated workflow will be in place for those agreements. Factors that inform the creation of the remote work policy include: high quality services (regardless of work methodology); the importance of face-to-face interaction, the vibrancy of the campus community; balancing central guidance with school/college/division decision-making; advancement of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion; consideration of the dynamic aspects of our campus; efficiencies with physical space; and continuing to build on what we have learned. There has been a great deal of feedback from the campus community asking about the emphasis on the importance of onsite work. It is important to consider that we are a residential campus community, and there is the expectation that campus stakeholders have about receiving services onsite, as well as acknowledgment of the changing environment as we begin to come out of the pandemic. There have been a number of changes to the policy since the initial draft was circulated. OHR has also received a great deal of feedback, including a desire for clarification on remote work vs. existing workplace flexibilities, concerns about equity of implementation, caregiving expectations, notice period for revocation/alteration, and more. OHR is developing resources to provide further guidance for employees, supervisors, and the HR community, including remote work agreements, automated workflows, and reference manuals.


The conversion of academic staff to biweekly payroll is approaching. June is the last month that academic staff will receive a monthly paycheck. The transition will take place in July, with the paycheck on July 30 covering hours worked for July 1-17. Full deductions will be taken out of this paycheck. The paycheck on August 12 will cover July 18-31. For summer payroll, the August timeframe is when biweekly payroll will take effect. Further communication will be coming for 9-month employees. Things to consider include looking at when bill payments are due (e.g. mortgage), possible adjustments to direct deposit, tax withholdings, and payroll contributions (e.g. TSA). No actions are needed on most general deductions. There will be further communication both from UW System and OHR on this transition.

Automatic Consent Business

The Academic Staff Assembly minutes of Monday, April 12, 2021, were approved.



ASEC Chair Tim Dalby announced a state budget forum with ASPRO on May 13. He encouraged individuals who have been fully vaccinated to register their status with University Health Services to get a permanently green Badger Badge. He also reminded attendees that individuals are not required to share sensitive medical information with supervisors (e.g. vaccination status). Tim reminded representatives that only two days remain in the elections for the Assembly standing committees. ASEC and the University Committee co-signed a letter to administrative leaders regarding the conflict of commitment policy. FAQs have also been made available regarding this policy. ASEC is also working on communication to UW System regarding the single payroll transition. Employees will receive the same salary but will receive less take-home pay in most months than they do currently. He also encouraged attendees to check their flat-dollar deductions, as those may need adjustment before the single pay transition is in effect.


Jenny Dahlberg provided the ASPRO report. Kathi Kilgore will be hosting a state budget forum on Thursday, May 13. Attendees to not have to be members of ASPRO but will need to register. Jenny encouraged people who are interested in becoming ASPRO members to reach out with any questions they have.


Adrian Treves, Chair of the Committee on Disability Access and Inclusion, provided the annual report of that committee (ASA #760). This committee is a shared governance committee with many academic staff members serving on the committee. The committee has considered a new resolution on a more inclusive and welcoming campus for those with disabilities. The hope is that the Assembly and other shared governance bodies will endorse the resolution at some point in the fall. ADA Coordinator Ruben Mota has worked with the committee and others in updating policies related to disabilities and access, such as Faculty Document 1071, which relates to accommodations for students with disabilities.


J.J. Andrews, Co-Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Assessment, and Financial Aid, presented the annual report of that committee (ASA #761). One of the missions of the committee is to support the building of a scholarly and diverse undergraduate student population. The committee tackled five issues this past year: a test-optional review process, recruitment and enrollment of diverse undergraduate student populations, international/out-of-state recruitment and enrollment, recruitment of American Indian and Alaska native students, and financial aid adjustments during the pandemic.


Resolution on Remote Work (ASA #762)

Suzanne Broadberry, District #467 Representative, moved approval of Academic Staff Document #762, the Resolution on Remote Work. Seconded. Approved.


Provost Report

Provost Scholz reported on the graduation event held on Saturday. UW-Madison was able to host an in-person celebration for students, and many people were grateful for the opportunity to hold this event at Camp Randall. Provost Scholz expressed thanks to all present for the work that has been done to manage the pandemic and offer our students a valuable educational experience. It has been an extremely challenging year, but we have much to be proud of. Despite a tough start in September, during the spring semester—and for much of the fall as well—UW-Madison was among the safest places in Wisconsin. We maintained research activities, provided instruction and great care for our students, and made significant contributions to the state to help fight COVID. Provost Scholz also thanked Tim, Jenny, and Mallory for their service on ASEC and to the representatives for their service.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.


Minutes submitted by Jake Smith, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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