How do I license ArcGIS?

Instructions on how to license ArcGIS
Computers in Science Hall that are connected directly to our network via a network cable are automatically licensed by the ArcGIS licensing server. This building-wide license expires annually at the end of August and is updated on the server by the IT Manager once the new license file is received from the campus licensing authority. 

Computers that are not connected directly to the Science Hall network must be licensed using a special single-use license. This license file is available to current and emeritus Geography, Nelson, and SCO faculty and staff. Grad students with a current advisor or appointment in any of the three departments are also eligible.

To request a single-use license for ArcGIS please open a ticket on the help desk system. Please include your name, department, computer location, and request for an ArcGIS single-use license. The IT Manager will respond with the license file. 

To install the single-use license file be sure that ArcGIS is closed completely. Then, follow these steps:

1. Save the license file that was emailed to you to your computer's desktop (or another location where you will be able to find it easily - you'll need to browse to this file in step 5 below).

2. Go to the Start Menu, All Programs, ArcGIS, and then open ArcGIS Administrator. 

3. Click on the Desktop folder
ArcGIS Admin Window
4. Select Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use and then click on the Authorize Now... button
ArcGIS Admin Window Single Use License
5. In the Software Authorization Wizard select the bottom option: "I have received an authorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the authorization process". Then click Browse and attach the file you saved in step 1. The file name may be different from the screenshot below.
ArcGIS Admin Browse for License
6. Click Next, then choose the top option, "Authorize with Esri now using the Internet"

7. Leave the Authorization Information as filled and click Next

8. Set the three drop-down boxes as appropriate. Click Next.

9. Click Next on the Software Authorization Number screen.

10. Click Next on the Authorize Software Extensions screen.

11. Click Next on the Evaluate Software Extensions screen.

12. The wizard will now begin authorizing your software. This could take between 15 seconds and two minutes. Just be patient until it completes.

13. Once you see the Congratulations screen you're finished! Click Finish to go back to the ArcGIS Administrator. Click OK to close it.

14. Start ArcGIS and you're all set!

If you receive any error messages during the process please open a ticket with the exact error message(s) along with screenshots. We will assist you as soon as we can to resolve the issue.

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