Honorlock - Using Honorlock with Atomic Assessments [UW-Madison]

This article goes over how to use Honorlock to proctor an Atomic Assessment.

This document provides information on how to enable Honorlock - Overview [UW-Madison] online proctoring with the Canvas integrated advanced quizzing tool, Atomic Assessments - Overview [UW-Madison]. The content of this document builds from basic knowledge of both these tools and provides instructions for how to configure Honorlock to work with Atomic Assessments as well as instructions to ensure student success.

Prior to completing the steps in this document, you must have both Atomic Assessments and Honorlock enabled in your course. Visit Atomic Assessments - Enabling Atomic Assessments in Canvas [UW-Madison], and Honorlock - Enabling Honorlock in Canvas (Instructor) [UW-Madison] to ensure these steps have been completed before proceeding.

Setting up Proctoring

Follow the steps outlined below to proctor an Atomic Assessment with Honorlock:

  1. Create an Atomic Assessment by following this document: Atomic Assessments - Creating Assignments in Canvas [UW-Madison]. Atomic Assessments are created as Assignments in Canvas courses.
    1. When creating your Atomic Assessment, scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and select More Options.
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of More Options and enter an access code of your choosing in the Access Restrictions section. You will use this same access code as the exam password in Honorlock.
    3. Select Save at the bottom of the page to save changes
  2. Once the assessment is created, select Assignments on the left navigation bar of your course Canvas page.
    Assigments Link on left navigation bar
  3. Select the name of the assignment that you wish to have Honorlock proctor.
    Name of assigment to proctor
  4. Go to the browser's Address Bar and select the web address/URL of the assignment and copy it.
    URL to copy from address bar
    1. Windows: The first time you click in the address bar, the address will highlight blue. Do one of the following:
      1. Press CRTL+C to copy the address.
      2. Right click on the blue area in the address bar and select Copy.
        Copy URL from address bar
    2. Macintosh: Tthe first time you click in the address bar, the address will highlight blue. Do one of the following:
      1. Press CMD+C to copy the address.
      2. Right click on the blue area in the address bar and select Copy.
  5. Select Honorlock from the left navigation bar of your course Canvas page.
    Honorlock from left side navigation menu
  6. Select the three stacked dots at the upper right of the page, and then select Register Third Party Exam.
    Register third party exam from kabob menu
  7. On the third party exam registration page you must enter information in the required fields: Exam Name, Exam Start, Exam End, Exam Password, and Exam Platform. Exam URL/Link is an optional field.

    You will enter the access code from your Atomic Assessment in the Exam Password field, the access code and exam password must match. If the password does not match, students will not be able to start the exam. If you do not set a password on the exam, students will be able to start the exam un-proctored. It is important to make sure that the exam is password-protected, do not share the access code/password with your students. It is best practice that each exam has a different password.

    It is in the Exam Platform and Exam URL/Link fields that you will paste the URL that you copied from your Atomic Assessment Assignment (step 4).
    Third party exam page with Exam Platform highlighted

  8. Continue setting up your third-party Honorlock assessment by customizing the Proctoring Settings, Student Guidelines, entering Student Accommodations, and Exam Visibility.
  9. Select Save to complete enabling Honorlock for this Atomic Assessment.

Ensuring Student Success with Password Entry

Instructors should ensure that students are familiar with how to complete a third party Honorlock proctored assessment, also known in Honorlock as a Universal Exam. The process of students entering the password during exam launch relies on a very specific order of steps. In particular, the password entry step can be a point of confusion and frustration for students.

Students should follow the steps outlined below to successfully launch an Honorlock proctored Atomic Assessment:

  1. Select Honorlock from the left navigation bar of your course Canvas page.
  2. Locate the correct Honorlock enabled Atomic Assessment and click the Launch button.
  3. You will be directed to the Honorlock launch page. You must agree to Honorlock’s Terms of Service and Data Collection and Use policy and select Continue.
  4. Once you are ready to begin the authentication process, click on Launch Proctoring. You will receive a prompt to complete steps for any proctoring settings the instructor has chosen (allow webcam and microphone, take photo ID, begin room scan, etc.)
  5. The prompt will then show the Honorlock Proctoring Window with the Click Here to Insert Password button. Do not attempt to enter a password at this step--if you do you will get an error message. Before inserting the password, the exam must be launched.
    The Honorlock Proctoring Window
  6.  Launch the exam by selecting the URL provided by your instructor, or by selecting Launch Exam.
    Launch exam button or click on the link
  7. Once you have launched the exam you should see the assignment locked page with the Honorlock Proctoring window in the background. Honorlock Exam Window
  8. To enter the exam, bring the Honorlock Proctoring window in front of the assignment locked page, and then select Click Here to Insert Password. Doing this will automatically fill the access code field with the exam password.
    Click Here To Insert Password Button
  9. Once the exam password has populated the Access Code field, select Submit Code to take the Atomic Assessment.Submit Code Button

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