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Document to replace a deployed equipment


Steps in  Replacement workflow.   Highlighted Steps are covered in this document.

OPS-Replacement-Initiate > FS-Replace-Ready > FS-Replace-Processing > Deploy > Deployed

OPS-Replacement-Initiate > FS-Replace-Ready > FS-Replace-Processing > Return > FS-Replace-ToHotspares > FS-Replace-Complete

Initiate Replacement

Option 1 (start using actions link):
1.  Click Equipment Action in the navigation bar
2.  Page will update and display a submenu.
3.  Click Initiate Replacement  link in the sub menu. 
Option 2 (start using Deployed Items Report):
1.  Click Deployed Items in the navigation bar
2.  Enter search parameters (Item, Locations, Device Type, Building, Device Name, Serial Number, Ip Number,  Location text)
3.  Click Get Items button.
4.  Click Replace Item link on the row of the equipment you wish to replace.

Replacement Form

  5.  If initiating replacement using option 1 
      • Enter Serial Number of item to be replaced 
If initiating replacement using option 2
      • Serial Number of item to be replaced will be defaulted from Deployed report
Note: Serial numbers will be validated as eligible serial number currently Deployed.
  6.  Enter serial of hot/cold spare that will be used as replacement.
      • Serial number will be validated as eligible serial number  currently in Hotspare or Coldspare sub-inventories.
      • The search functionality may be used to identify replacement equipment
          1.  Enter desired parameters
          2.  Click Search button
  7.  Click Process button.

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