Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 02-10-22

Approved 02-24-22

ASEC Minutes

2:00 – 4:30 p.m. Thursday, February 10, 2022

Members Present: Donna Cole, Jenny Dahlberg; Stephanie Elkins; Stephanie Jones; Mallory Musolf, vice chair; Lindsey Stoddard Cameron; Bill Tishler

Guests: Lesley Fisher, Karen Massetti-Moran, Patrick Sheehan

The meeting was called to order at 2:02 p.m.

The minutes of February 3 were approved.

General Reports

Mallory Musolf, ASEC Vice Chair, mentioned a question around changes to remote work agreements which she intended to bring up with OHR later in the meeting. She also reported on interest in having new UW System President Jay Rothman join the UW System Reps joint session in May.

Jake Smith, Secretary of the Academic Staff, attended 3 finalist sessions for candidates for the Director of Talent Management position within the Office of Human Resources. It is anticipated that a hiring decision will be made in the next few weeks. There were two Academic Staff Chats held within the past two weeks, both on effective communication with supervisors. Jake met with Felipe Gacharna and Jana Valeo, co-chairs of the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic and University Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, to get an update on the work of the committee. It is expected that the committee will be able to finish its final report by the end of the semester. Jake reported that the University Committee is forming an ad hoc committee on reducing administrative burden for faculty. Academic staff in research administration, community partnerships, and academic services will be serving as subject matter experts on this committee. There was also discussion at the University Committee on possible next steps related to the divestment resolution which the Faculty Senate and the Academic Staff Assembly passed last spring.

Liaison Reports

Donna Cole reported on the recent meeting of the School of Medicine and Public Health CASI. They discussed a communication that was going out to all academic staff in SMPH, in collaboration with HR, to publicize the availability of the research professor title more broadly.

Lindsey Stoddard Cameron reported that the Districting and Representation Committee is continuing to evaluate impacts of TTC retitling on assignment of academic staff into Assembly districts.

Guests: Patrick Sheehan, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer; and Karen Massetti-Moran, Director of Total Rewards, Office of Human Resources

There are currently 224 TTC title appeals pending review, with 29 pending denied, 16 appeals approved, and two titles revised. The highest number is within the College of Letters and Science, and the next highest is in the School of Medicine and Public Health. For academic staff, there are 199 total appeals, with 159 pending review, 24 pending denied, 13 approved, and 2 titles revised. OHR is working with UW Shared Services to implement changes that have resulted from informal resolutions as well. There are 316 issues on the TTC issues log so far. OHR is hoping to send out a communication to the IT community by Monday, with the implementation of the changes for that job group expected in the March/April timeframe. Changes to the policy planning/analyst titles have also been sent over to Shared Services to add to the system, and OHR will be looking at research IT titles next. After that, they will be looking at issue escalations that have occurred at the division level, and the compensation admin team is working on 6 new SJDs to be created.

On the benefits component, OHR is working on the long-term strategy around benefits, including career development. They are looking at the timeline with senior leadership and will be looking to form groups to help with the process of looking at improvements in those areas. OHR is also talking with HR directors about progression/promotion, as well as looking at other institutions’ processes. OHR should also be looking at market, equity, parity, and compression at a campus-wide level over time.

The summary from the lessons learned report that the Office of Strategic Consulting is putting together on the TTC Project will be available for ASEC’s review once it is completed.

In response to a question about compensation relative to work location/modality, one of the communities of practice is doing research on best practices in a variety of areas regarding benefits and compensation. More information should be available in the March timeframe.

A question was raised about potential changes to the remote work agreement process. OHR is taking feedback on the form that is used, but there are no changes to the process being discussed at this time.

Motion to Convene in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to Discuss Appointments to TTC Appeals Panels (Stoddard Cameron). Seconded. Approved.

Motion to Reconvene in Open Session (Stoddard Cameron). Seconded. Approved.


·       Appointments – for vote

Motion to appoint Michelle Hamilton, Emily Reynolds, and Aimee Tobin (Administration); Meghan Chua and Anna Paretskaya (Communications and Marketing); Ellen Jacks, Sunil Rao, and Heather Shimon (Libraries, Archives, and Museums); and Jessica Beckendorf, Elizabeth Jesse, and Tim Markle (Outreach and Community Engagement) to the TTC Appeals Panels (Cole). Seconded. Approved.

·       March Assembly Meeting Agenda

ASEC reviewed an initial draft of the March Assembly agenda. Chief Diversity Officer LaVar Charleston will be presenting at the beginning of the meeting.

·       Feedback on Briefing Materials for the UW System President

ASEC discussed potential priorities and issues for the incoming System President as part of the request for materials from the UW System Reps. All campuses are expected to submit their feedback by February 18.

·       Topics for Guests

Provost – new challenges; engagement with other provosts at peer institutions

IVCFA – role of shared governance in institutional data policy, focus groups for ShopUW+, updates on real estate initiative; AQSS survey and issues of anonymity

CDO – specific measures academic staff can be taking to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the institution; operational issues related to multiple transitions within DDEEA, DEI curriculum for UW-Madison in conjunction with Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs

Meeting adjourned at 4:18 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jake Smith, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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