Atomic Assessments - Getting Started [UW-Madison]

Atomic Assessments is an advanced quizzing tool that allows instructors to develop and deliver sophisticated quizzes directly in Canvas. This document explains how to get started with Atomic Assessments.

Instructor Considerations before Use

General Considerations

  • Atomic Assessments is a third-party tool that provides a connection to the Learnosity advanced assessment platform, which provides more question types than a standard Canvas Quiz. For more information see Atomic Assessments - Is Atomic Assessments for me?
  • Atomic Assessments does not have to be used for every assessment. Instructors can choose to use Atomic Assessment on an assessment by assessment basis.

Best Practices

  • Please allow extra time to create the assessment and contact your local support if any assistance is needed. Development of assessments in this tool are more complicated than the integrated Canvas quizzing tool. 
  • Instructors should create a test assessment that can be taken by the student before any real assessments are given. This way the student and instructor will know that the assessment will work for the student. If the student has issues with the test assessment, please have them try these steps: General Troubleshooting for Learn@UW Tools

Information to share with students

  • Although the development of the assessment is more complicated, the student’s experience is similar to a Canvas Quiz.
  • Instructors access Atomic Assessments from the left side navigation bar. Students access them via the normal Assignments area. The Atomic Assessments area is NOT visible to students. 


See Atomic Assessments - Accessibility & Usability Information (NEW) [UW-Madison] for important accessibility information.

Steps to Get Started with Atomic Assessments

  1. Enable Atomic Assessments in Canvas. Review the document Enabling Atomic Assessments in Canvas for step-by-step instructions on enabling Atomic Assessments in a Canvas course.
  2. Once enabled, it will appear in the course navigation bar for you, but will be hidden from your students.
  3. To create an assignment, see Atomic Assessments - Creating Assignments in Canvas [UW-Madison]

Questions and Support

For help with Atomic Assessments, please contact the DoIT Help Desk: Get Help from DoIT.

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