Transferring data between the Study Drive and the SMNG Server

Instructions on how to perform a file transfer from the BIC linux production servers to your local machine or the SMNG server.

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If you just want to access the WBIC Study drive, see this WBIC documentation page.

There will be times where you will need to transfer files from the Study drive to the SMNG folder. An example of this is transferring the acoustic data from the raw-data

folder to it's experiment folder on the SMNG drive so formant tracking can be performed. An easy way to do this is to use the scp (Secure Copy) command line utility.

For usage and a few examples, see this page.

Here is an example from moving mriSIS acoustic data:

scp -r //

-r means you want to recursively copy any subfolders and their files as well.

The first argument is USERNAME@HOSTNAME:PATH_TO_FILE. Think of this as information about what you want to copy (source).

The second argument is the location you want copy to (destination). It's good practice to make sure this location exists first.

scp is nice because you can use it while scripting to make sure a set of files are always backed up / updated in a remote location.

A somewhat easier visual way to transfer files is via Mobaxterm's sftp functionality.

When you are remoted in to one of the linux production servers, look towards the left side of the window and there should be a tab labeled 'sftp'. Click this, and then right under quick connect there is a field for the filepath. Change this to /study/smng and navigate to the files you want to transfer. Then use the menu icons under quick connect to download the files. You can also upload files to the study drive in this way.

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