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TODO Summary

Before the participant arrives

Enter check_audioLevels then click Part A. (full check_audioLevels guide here)

  1. Turn on SPL meter and press Fast/Slow and Level.
  2. Adjust the volume on the black amplifier (the "Your Headphones" and "pp headphones" knobs) until the SPL meter reads 59.5 to 60.5 dB.
  3. Measure both the participant's headphones and your headphones
  4. Press spacebar to stop.
  5. Turn off SPL meter

Set out a paper copy of the appropriate consent form (highlighted above) on the participant's desk.

New! Fall 2023 Set the experiment mic gain (on the red Focusrite) to the 3:00 position.

Open the lab email and monitor for participant's arrival.

How to access the lab email

  1. In the web browser, open your personal UW email inbox through Outlook. You can do this through MyUW if needed.
  2. In the top right corner, click the circle with your profile picture/initials.
  3. Click Open another mailbox
  4. Enter speechmotor@waisman.wisc.edu and click Open

If it's the appointment time but the participant hasn't called/emailed yet

  1. Find the participant's phone number.
    1. If you have access to Qualtrics (ie if you're on this list), use the Finding Experiment Running Info KB page to find the participant and phone #
    2. If you don't have Qualtrics access, Slack the lab manager and ask for the phone number
  2. Wait 5 minutes past the scheduled appointment time, then call the participant.
    1. If they are at the building, on their way, or can arrive really soon, continue with the appointment
    2. If we have back-to-back participants such that them arriving late is going to mess up another participant, just tell them that the lab manager will email to reschedule
    3. You don't need to leave a message

When the participant arrives

They're supposed to either calling the phone in 544 or email speechmotor@waisman.wisc.edu

If they call, confirm they're in the Waisman Center lobby. If they email, send back a short reply like, "Be right there!"

Parking passes are available from the 2nd floor business office (by KeyWatcher)

Meet the participant downstairs

Greet them in the lobby, go upstairs, and direct them to 544A.

Participants can wear a mask anywhere in the building, but they MUST remove their mask during speaking tasks.

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