Tip Sheet for Consultant POI Entry for Manifest Population

This process is specific to setting up a Consultant POI for a person who was previously set up in a Manifest group.

For general questions about POI entry, or for assistance in setting up POIs, contact the OHR NetID/Retired ID service account retiredid@ohr.wisc.edu.

Process Notes & Considerations

The entry of the Consultant POI can be done by division HR. The owner of the Manifest group being considered for movement into HRS as a Consultant POI should reach out to their division HR contact. If the division HR prefers not to do the entry, they can contact OHR (retireid@ohr.wisc.edu) to do the entry.

Data elements requested when entering POIs:

Added to the Add/Modify a Person page in HRS

    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Email Address: UW email address if they have one, a personal email address if they do not have a wisc.edu address or have never used it. An email address is needed to do things like send the self-link information.
    • Address: This field is optional. Many departments give the business address of the vendor as the “home” address.
    • Many divisions also provide gender and a phone number when they request a POI setup but those fields are not required.

Added to the POI Relationship page

    • Sponsoring UDDS
    • Planned Exit Date (expected end date of POI relationship)

Assumption: the person being moved from Manifest to POI has a NetID and that NetID will need to be linked to the POI record created in HRS.

  • After the POI is created, the individual will need to do the Account Self-Link process after the POI is created in order to continue to use their NetID and not cause any issues. The POI will not link to a NetID created only by Manifest without a Self-Link. This must occur after the person has been added to HRS because it requires use of the HRS Employee ID.
  • Timeline: standard HRS processing once the POI is entered. It always takes overnight processing before a POI shows in downstream systems.
    • If they are having OHR do the entry, they try to do all entries in 24-48 hours of request, and this includes OHR sending the information to the individual to self-link their NetID accounts.
    • If division HR creates the POI, they should plan to do the self-link the day after they create the POI in HRS.

Information for Division HR doing the POI entry:

  • Required HRS Security Roles: UW_UNV_HR_POI_UPD (HR Add/Maintain POI Update) in addition to having the ability to Add a Person to HRS (if the person attempting to enter the POI does not have the ability to Add a Person, they should work with their division HRS security contact to discuss whether entering the POI should fall under their purview).
  • KB for HRS entry: https://kb.uwss.wisconsin.edu/15636
    • Best practice: enter a date for the POI in the Planned Exit field. If the relationship ends before the end date, proactively update the status to Inactive using the instructions in the KB.
    • Note: At the end of the POI relationship, the POI status must manually be changed to Inactive. The Planned Exit End Date serves as a point of reference to establish the expected end of the relationship, but to remove IT access the status of the POI must be changed to Inactive.
  • Reports to track POIs: OBIEE > HR and Finance Dashboards > Workforce Dashboards > Person of Interest
    • HRS Security Role needed for OBIEE report: UW_UNV_EPM_ALL_QRY_LBRY_NS (BI HRS Qry-Non-Sensitive)
    • Report can be utilized to determine what POIs have Planned Exit Dates coming up or that have passed, so division HR can audit POIs open in their division.

OBIEE Person of Interest report

POI report

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