Expt running content - Post experiment tasks

TODO summary
  1. Copy participant data from local drive to smng server (see PURPLE section below these numbered points)
  2. If you completed a hearing screening, copy the results from the local drive to the smng server
    1. There are folders on the desktop called "audiometer results - local" and "audiometer results - server". Drag the participant's audiometer results file from the "local" to the "server" folder.
  3. Fill out Lab Notebook, located in \\wcs-cifs\wc\smng\admin\
  4. Fill out check register or the extra credit register, located in \\wcs-cifs\wc\smng\admin\
  5. Double-check that the Experiment Checklist is complete
  6. Return the Experiment Running Sheet and the Checklist to the lab manager

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