Can I use Eloqua to send to a WiscList, Google Group or Office 365 group?

Details on if Eloqua can send to a WiscList, Google Group or Office 365 group.

Eloqua will not send an email to a distribution list or group.

A major benefit of using Eloqua is being able to track interactions. By sending one email (one tracking code) to a list of more than one would not yield useful analytics.

Because listservs and groups monitor posts by subscriber permissions, the Eloqua mail server would not be considered a member and therefore, no emails would be permitted to be delivered to the list or recipients.

Many ListServs do not allow large messages (e.g., image-heavy emails larger than 5 MB) to be distributed. Most Eloqua emails would be too large.

Some UW departments do use multiple tools for separate messages. For instance, a department may use a Google Group to forward an email about scholarships to students in their major. Then they may use Eloqua to create and send their weekly newsletter to a much wider audience.

Having a suite of tools to use for different purposes may be effective for your group.

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