Communications Committee Minutes 03-07-22

Academic Staff Communications Committee 

Monthly Meeting

Monday, March 7, 2022 


2020-21 ASCC Members: Mary Ellen Gabriel, Megan Flowers, Felipe Gacharna, Kyle Henderson, Sarina Lotlikar, Pamela O’Donnell, Robyn Perrin, Karla Weber Wandel, Lori Wilson. Liaison: Stephanie Elkins 

1.    Review and approve February minutes – Approved with edits

2.    E-newsletter –  

a.    Editorial Calendar – Discuss ASEC communications feedback.

                                          i.    We discussed the planning document ASEC worked on and determined details we need to proceed with creating a yearlong schedule for quarterly newsletters. Felipe and Lori will take these questions to the ASEC communications group for feedback and direction.

                                         ii.    We looked at analytics to see what our audience is interested in. The general content categories are similar to before the redesign: academic staff like “news you can use,” awards, professional development, and ASI.

b.    Next Steps

                                          i.    Lori will finalize recommendations document with SOAS demographics and send to ASEC (through communications group) for review.

                                         ii.    Our next steps are:

1.    Work toward a specific editorial calendar for the next year.

2.    Start creating content and/or strategizing appropriate and easy to execute pieces for the topics/profiles.

3.    Work with the Marketing Automation team to get our group on Eloqua and start setting up settings, templates, designs, processes, etc.

                                        iii.    Volunteers for teams:

1.    Eloqua/Design volunteers

a.    Kyle

b.    Sarina

c.     Felipe

d.    Lori

2.    Writing/Editing volunteers

a.    Mary Ellen

b.    Robyn

c.     Pamela

d.    Karla (flexible)

3.    Provost’s climate survey update – We discussed the updated timeline for the climate survey. Felipe let the group know our feedback was part of the reason the survey is pushed back to allow for a more equitable approach.

4.    Additional/New business

a.    ASI is April 13, 20221

5.    Adjourn  


Next meeting: Monday, April 11, at 2 p.m. 


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