Easy Create TOC

How to create a TOC in the KB
  1. Label the different sections
  2. make the labels H2 or H3 depending on if they are major or minor subsections
  3. copy/paste each H2 or H3 to the top (in order)
  4. Copy/paste from 3 into BBEdit, change \n to zZz, replace [^\w] with nothing, replace zZz with \n
  5. For each header, copy the related line from BBEditor, highlight relevant H2/H3, go to Insert Menu, Anchor, paste the copied text, click "OK" button, and an anchor symbol will appear next to the H2/H3
  6. repeat 5 as many times as necessary
  7. At the top, change the copy/pasted H2/H3 into (Format Menu, block) Paragraph <P> then backspace and shift-return to create a tight block
  8. Select each one, go to the link icon in the ribbon, in the popup, click on the anchor drop down, you'll see all the anchors just created.  Select the appropriate one for each line
  9. repeat 8 as many times as necessary

NOTE:  BBEdit can be replaced with any editor that uses regex since the [^\w] requires regex to work.

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